What I want for this church is a dynamic group of singers and musicians who, like myself, are committed to Love and Light in music that will heal, uplift and inspire, through time, to the glory of God and God's creation. If you feel that you can be one of these people, please contact me through this site. I was born, raised and educated for my work in service of God. I am a servant of God, doing his sacred work. The work itself is about the holistic process of re-awakening to God and Mother Earth. This is Healing Music of the highest order. I am a shaman and a recognized Native American Thunderbeing.
Born and raised in San Francisco, I have performed in many bands professionally as a singer, guitarist and bassist since the age of 13 years, and have been performing steadily for the past 20 years as a Solo Singer and Acoustic 12 String Guitarist, and now as musical director for the Grateful Band.  I was born into Russian and Native American heritage (Tlingit and Aleut), and am deeply committed to positive planetary change, sustainable and organic living, healing, Divine Light and Love. My songs are intuited from Spirit; I work with master spirit guides.
I am an accomplished recording artist, songwriter and arranger, with 10 CD's of original songs in current release. I have written songs for a multiplatinum album: Pat Travers (“Crash and Burn” album), for Journey (“Look Into The Future” album), and sang and/or played on sessions for Van Morrison, Narada Michael Walden, Pablo Cruise, The New Riders of the Purple Sage, Tim Weisberg, Stacy Lattisaw, Enzo Avitabile and others. I have won awards for singing and performances, am mentioned in “Who’s Who In America” as composer of a classical piece for ballet, entitled “Transitions”, and am also involved in music for film, theatre, and television. I have done work as a singer and musician in two different theatre productions (Godspell and Smokey Joe's Cafe) for the Sierra Repertory Theatre in Sonora, CA. 
I continue to write and produce musical projects, teach singing, guitar, bass, organic gardening, sustainable living, and permaculture, and design graphic art projects with my wife Bethany Dalton-Kash. Additionally, I sing, arrange, and engineer for clients at Emotive Studios, and at other studios. I currently perform with the Grateful Band, and with other bands. “In my live solo performances, whether playing my own songs, or custom arrangements of favorite lyrics and melodies of mine, I focus on creating what I call ‘Essence’ of larger arrangements, using only what’s available with my voice and the guitar. This seeming limitation has provided me with a wonderland of amazing places to go within the realm of pure music”. My 4 CD’s, 'My Voices', ‘Florida Heat’ ‘Organic Alchemy’ and ‘Love & Emotion’ are doing well on radio stations throughout the world. I welcome spiritually oriented musicians and singers to join me in creating Healing Music with the Grateful Band in service to the Creator. There are 10 CD's of original songs in current release, and there are many songs as yet unrecorded that I perform solo in my 'Kash-In' shows, and with the Grateful Band at our monthly performances. These beautiful, positive, healing new songs can only be heard and experienced at our shows. The Friends of the Sacred Garden Church of Love and Light is always moving forward.

To learn more and see a show, visit the calendars on this website for myself, and Calendar Grateful Band, which will also include the shows for Kash In (the ensemble shows).

Bookings for me are handled through http://www.goldcountrymusicpromotion.webs.com 



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